Round ‘Em Up!

Wow, loads of good stuff this week!

I have heard back from the lovely people at World Book Night, and I’ve been chosen as a Book Giver! The premise of WBN, basically, is that one million books are going to be given out on 5th March for free! I’ll be giving out Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell – eeep!

I bought Jo Nesbo’s The Leopard this week – I never buy books in hardback, I read them too fast to justify the cost, but it was half price in Waterstones 🙂  Through Twitter, I found out that they made a trailer for the book. How good an idea is that?! I’m very excited to read it now! Anyway, have a look:

I spent a ridiculous amount of time reading Cowbiscuits in it’s entirety. It’s that good. You should go.  Also, in the very best way, she looks AMAZING with Hedwig/Ru Paul makeup 😉

La Tour Eiffel

La Tour Eiffel

Ashley, from Purse ‘n Boots, posted her tattoos in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. I love the writing on her ribs.

Polly May and I booked Paris! Yay! I’m halfway through doing out itinerary (we’re very organised), so that we can squish as much as possible into three days! If you know of anything we have to do – let us know!!

Daisy Kate at Fashion Stereotype has got an awesome giveaway running through February.

I’ve never been able to do a proper beehive, but Carrie makes it look easy 🙂

Also, speaking of things I am unable to do – if anyone knows of any good youtube-esque guitar lessons, could you send them my way? Petunia is staring at me accusingly from the corner again 😦

And finally, especially for Rachel, so that she gets her mention….


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