I’ve now been grazing for a month, and I’m munching my way through my fifth box, so I thought I’d do a little update!
Firstly, I love that the website has everything you need on the first page you log in to. You can see when your last delivery was and what you got in it, when the next delivery is, delivery details and recommendations all together, without searching around for the thing you want to amend. I’m also loving the option for things you don’t like (“NEVER SEND ME OLIVES!!!” was one of my choices, haha), so that you aren’t sent boxes of things you’ll never eat. Good stuff.

On to the food! I’ll admit, I have been slightly wary of some of the things in my boxes, but I am neither particularly adventurous, nor particularly healthy in my food choices normally. That said, the boxes I’ve recieved have been delicious. I’ve been sent the most amazing flapjacks, goji berries, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, spicy broad beans, blueberries, mango, and honey roasted cashews. Yum. I wasn’t overly impressed with the focaccia bread, but the good has definitely outweighed the bad, by a long way. It’s so easy to say if you don’t like something, too – just login, it’s there on the front page, and with one click you can rest easy that no more focaccia will pop through the letterbox.

I really think that the graze boxes are a good step towards my new 2011 routine. I just need to remember to eat them because (eek) I keep forgetting they’re there, and the Boy is pinching them!!

Click here and use code “LNBZ7B9” for a free box! (My code gives you a freebie, plus the second box for free, and then they’re £3.49 after that – you can cancel your deliveries whenever you like though 🙂 )


(I’d just like to add that this post is in no way endorsed by, and is just a review of my own experience!)


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