Round ‘Em Up!

Happy Sunday morning, lovelies!!
I hope you’ve had a fabulous week – I have squished loads in!!
Dinner at Zizzi with Kat
Conversations regarding courgettes
Lots of working
Getting my hairs did (YAY!)
Dinner at Nando’s with Lindiwe and Swapna
Spotting Kel in the Nando’s queue and letting him sit with us in the warm
“Racial stereotypes aren’t stereotypes if they’re true!” with examples
Uber-pale man hands
Planning the trip to Paris with Sarah and convincing her that we should visit the catacombs whilst we’re there (skulls!)



Firstly, I’d like to inform you that Maroon 5’s frontman, Adam Levine is raising cancer awareness. And I am obviously drawing your attention to this for charity’s sake. Of course.

JeannieJeannie is offering a printable 2011 calendar, and it’s cute!

My friend Rachel was procrastinating on facebook, and posted this to me, as we studied the Scarlet Letter last term. Literary tattoos seem to be pretty popular at the moment. The Guardian found that a US publisher is offering a free lifetime subscription to anyone who gets a tribute tattoo to one of their books, and The Word Made Flesh has pages and pages of submissions. The even have a book out!

There’s been news this week that your star sign has changed, don’t worry, it hasn’t 🙂

I’ve found some good blogs this week, too: Smart, Pretty and Awkward has monthly tips for how to be smarter (“A truth: there are more resources available to help you than you can believe, and more people willing to help you than you can believe.“), prettier (“You can wear whatever you have the confidence to wear; if you want to make your closet bigger without spending money, expand your idea of what you can pull off. Hint: You can pull off more than you currently do.“), and less awkward (“Swearing isn’t that attractive anytime, but swearing looks downright crass in emails, when the text of the message is right there in black and white, saved forever.“). I think I’ve read almost the whole thing.



Avoiding a Quarter Life Crisis is “one twenty-something female’s quest for success & happiness, running away from the quarter-life crisis plague she has seen so many succumb to, with the full intention of crossing every finish line set before her.” Good stuff.

Strutt La Mode‘s Charlene loves animal print, makes her own PVC skirts and posts weekly inspiration boards.

Right, I am off to curl my new hair (so strange going to a hairdressers and coming out with a lot more hair than you went in with!!), and go out because it’s not raining!! Other than that, my Sunday involves essay-writing, researching the Jazz Age, and re-reading some more of The Great Gatsby. Yay! 🙂


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