Round ‘Em Up!

Good afternoon!

I hope that you’ve had a fabulous weekend, and that you’ve got something exciting lined up for the week ahead!

Yesterday was my gorgeous friend Swapna’s birthday, and we had a great night out. I’m so glad that I moved my life to Colchester last year, and stopped commuting into London every day; I’ve made some amazing friends, and I have honestly never laughed so much in my life as when the male part of our group (naming no names!) attempts to demonstrate having sex whilst being tickled. My sister came up to visit this week too, and we went shopping, and then met Swapna and Lindi for Nando’s. Hilarity ensued, as always. Love my girls. My life is awesome.

I really, really want some of these to go on my shoes. Or the gorgeous crystal spike ones. I’m not fussy.

This article is really interesting. There are some really great articles on (never)homemaker. I’ve been browsing for about an hour 😉

Hehe, words with no English translations – Grief Bacon. Hahaha.

What do you think of Huckleberry Finn being censored? Political correctness overload, or is it justified?

There are so many films I want to see at the moment; The Kings Speech, 127 Hours (which looks gorily awesome, and James Franco is supposed to be AMAZING), and Black Swan to name but a few.

I’m going to watch this today, as I missed it last night, and I love Derren Brown 🙂

These are pretty cool – I wonder how you make the springs go round your ear, and if it’d be difficult? Hmm…

And THIS is especially for Swapna. Apologies for in-joking!

Only another week and I will have super-long hair!! YAY!!

My plans for this week are to write my Gatsby essay, and plan Paris!! What are yours?



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