In response to yesterday’s post from Gala Darling, I’ve been thinking about my own New Year’s routine. I also read an article in the new issue of The Colchester Circle today about how New Years Intentions are more successful than New Years Resolutions. It was basically saying that having positive goals is mentally more achievable than trying to avoid things (i.e. “This year, I am aiming to be fitter & healthier and this will make me happier” rather than “it’ll be horrible but I have to quit drinking/smoking/junk food because they’re bad for me”). I can see how that would work. 🙂 SO! On to my new routine!!


I am an annoying, awake, morning person. Mostly. Unless I turn on the computer and then time seems to speed up to an alarming rate and before I know it, I’ve lost three hours. I want to get into a routine that means I can utilise extra time in the morning, and not be rushing around like a crazy, five minutes before I need to leave.

Water, juice, and getting healthy inside.


I need to drink more water during the day. Especially when my iron is low, I need to be uber-hydrated so that all the iron and vitamin goodness I’m going to be pumping myself full of actually absorbs. I’m going to fill up a jug of water and pop it in the fridge before I go to bed, and aim to drink it all the next day. I might throw some lemon juice in too. On this note, I also need to drink more juice, because juice = vitamins, which = iron-fixing. Iron-fixing is also going to be helped by my Graze boxes. Delivery tomorrow! I’m excited! I’m thinking I might also get back on the multi-vitamin wagon. Bassetts soft & chewy, sign me up! 🙂

Gym-going, and getting healthy outside.


I need to use my gym membership a bit more. I want to see if there’s a pilates class I can go to, to get my posture nice and good, and to help my achy shoulders (an English Literature degree means carrying A LOT of books… Ouch). Other than that, though, I’m aiming at cardio twice a week (if I aim low, it’s more likely to happen, right?), and then I can step it up from there. I miss how super-fit I was by the time that I came back from Australia (and I won the octathlon at my gym, two weeks after I got home! Go me!), and even though I don’t think I’m able to make enough time in my crazy schedule at the moment to get super-toned-gym-bunny just now, I can manage twice a week!!



I talked about this a while ago, but I really do think it’s true that if you are grateful for what you have, that you have more! I started writing a little list in my journal before bed a while ago, of things during the day that I was grateful for: a superlong phonecall with Swapna; nice dinner with Johno; skyping Polly May; Mum calling me whilst she’s out walking Sooz; things like that. I’m going to start my little lists again. It was nice to have five minutes to reflect on the things that happened during the day.


Apologies for the soppy title of this part, I couldn’t think of another way to put it.  I want to make more time with the Boy, so that we aren’t like ships passing in the night, with one of us at home when the other is at work or uni, and vice versa.  We have dinner together most days, but it would be nice to have a bit of time where we can wind down from the day together, and chat about what we’ve done and stuff.  I know, pass the sick bucket.


So, I think that’s it for now. It’s only little changes, but I think that they will make a big difference! (Cliche!!) Wish me luck!! xx


11 thoughts on “Routines

  1. Safiya says:

    I know what you mean about mornings, last year I made the sort of resolution to not turn my computer on first thing – I can’t so much done, in the time I’d normally be on the computer. My resolutions/intentions are always quite vague in genral – be happy/positive, that sort of thing. Good luck with yours!

  2. jjaci says:

    Lovely stuff, i’d really like to try pilates too…my posture is terrible, I sit at a desk all day at work which isn’t helping the situation.

    The couple-y stuff isn’t sickly, it’s important and nice…it’s something I need to consider in my goals list too.

  3. Ana Grabova says:

    Hi there,
    I’m the Editor of The Colchester Circle and found your article as a result for searching the mag’s name. I do that from time to time to see what people are saying. Hope you don’t mind! Really great to hear you were inspired by the article. Nyali will be providing more food for thought in our Feb issue, when she’ll be talking about lurve (because we all secretly like the soppy stuff!). Do you mind if I link this post on our Twitter/Facebook account? I don’t mind either way.
    Great post by the way!

  4. Nyali Muir says:


    Nyali here, it was my article you refered to from Colchester Circle regarding setting intentions. Am delighted it worked for you and that you were able to use it so well.

    Love your blog. So many juicy aspects to it – what you’re creating and sharing is inspiring. Having a background in Health & Wellbeing myself, particularly enjoyed your reflections on uber-hydration and also on Gratitude. Important!

    As for the ‘love stuff’, you may want to keep an eye open for my Feb. article for Colchester Circle magazine, as it’s on exactly this and think you’ll like it.

    Weekly I send out a free Motivational Message which goes around the world (to whoever wants it). I began creating them for Toyota a couple of years back and since then they’ve got a large following – would love to add your email to list if you’d like to receive them.

    As one of only 3 Calling In ‘The One’ Coaches in the UK, I’d like to encourage you to continue being specific as you are in the intentions you set for yourself, as generalisations such as Safiya shared are common to most of us, however then end up not being helpful as we don’t know exactly what the new behaviours and ways of being are that we need to invest in and focus on.

    Wishing you every happiness & fulfillment with all your endeavours, you’re on a great trajectory.


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