With the new year fast approaching, I’ve decided that it’s time to start working on my resolutions for 2011! I don’t really believe in stopping/starting something on the first of January, as it seems a sure way to fail.  With that amount of pressure, it’s nigh on impossible to make or break a habit.  Instead, I’ll be having goals for 2011, and aiming toward them over the next twelve months.

Last year, I planned my ‘iron-diary’ in my filofax, and that went very well.  I’ve taken that section out this year, as it’s not really necessary now for me to record everything I eat, and so this year I just need to be mindful and eats lots of iron-rich goodies.  To that end, I’m going to set up a Graze box to be delivered every week.  I’ve had a browse, lots of the boxes look really tasty, and it’ll be a good way to keep my iron levels up, and to try tasty new healthy foods!! 🙂

In 2010, I went to New York, got engaged, ran three miles for Sport Relief, saw Sia at the Roundhouse in Camden (and took loads of photos!), attempted a style roundup, lived through freshers week, obsessed over sugar skulls, and planned 2011’s filofax-ness! Phew.  It’s been busy!

Of course, I’ve also got the bucket list this year to help me reach my goals – five this year sounds like a good number 🙂



I planned for a ‘healthy and bookish 2010’, and I’m pretty pleased with how my year turned out. How about you? Did 2010 bring all the things you wished for this time last year? Are there goals from 2010 that are still on the 2011 list?

My goals for 2011, then, are a first (or at least a high 2:1) for my first year of university, lots of gym-going, lots of ‘doing things’, getting away for a bit of sunshine with the boy, passing my driving test, and learning to play my guitar. That sounds achievable. This is the basic list, and I’ll be expanding it, I’m just undecided as to whether that’ll be on here or in my journal.


  • Gala (who else?!) knows how to set amazing goals.
  • Here is a great ebook – and it’s free! 😉
  • Fitsugar can help you to set realistic resolutions.
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    3 thoughts on “Resolutions

    1. pollymay says:

      good resolutions, but you missed one off, Paris with your pretty brilliant sister? if u fancy? early march me was thinking? thoughts please? Also I may have to steal that 2011 sign at the top becasue I LOVE IT!

    2. Terri-Jane says:

      That isn’t a resolution, that’s included in “doing things” 🙂 I thought we’d decided on February? Early march could be good too though. Do you want to go for one night or two?
      The 2011 sign is from weheartit, so if you click on it, it should take you there and you can steal away 🙂

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