As it’s almost the new year, I thought I’d do a post on the fabulousness that is FILOFAX!! My little pink pocket Opal has now got this 2011 diary, and I’ve created some inserts on Powerpoint for my sections (I’ve made a timetable to put in with my lectures on it, and inserts for my tabs: Diary, To Do, Reading List, Notes). I’ve taken out the address book sections, as I’ve been using my filo for a year and I’ve never used them. Each of my To Do, Reading List, and Notes sections has different coloured notepaper, so it looks very colourful!!

My Filofax!

My Filofax!

Filofaxes have gotten very popular with bloggers since Gala Darling posted her Filofax Love Affair! The Glamourous Grad Student has her fabulous filofax, Jess downsized to a Finsbury, Sofia is obsessed, and Kirsty has got a gorgeous amber filofax. Phew. Popular.

I have got stickers from Paperchase to decorate my pages – I have little puffy diamond stickers, and cute little puffy monsters. I love these owls, too.
They have stickers and things at Accesorize now, and some of them are pretty cute. They have love bird post its!!

I’ve noticed that a lot of the people blogging about their filofaxes have the personal size, which is one up from mine. I have a pocket, as my handbag weighs enough already (my uni bag is currently holding four books on Ovid, three on Emily Dickinson, a notebook, a folder with all my class notes in it, pens, my iPod, mobile phone and purse, as well as my filofax). My shoulder is fairly unhappy already, without me carrying around anything bigger than necessary. I had my filofax before starting uni, and it has more than enough space for me 🙂 Anyway, filofax provides a handy size guide so that you can work out if it will fit in your bag!!

So, there you are!! The first installment of preparation for 2011!! 🙂 xxx


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