Round ‘Em Up!



I hope you’ve had a fabulous week! I’ve finally finished my Descartes essay – it’s all ready to watermark and hand in, and then I’ve only got four more to do! 😉

I’ve been Christmas shopping this week, and it’s mostly done.  Thankfully I haven’t had to venture out into the rain too much, and have had Amazon, ASOS and to help me!!

I need to get a kimono, a la Sandra and Kelly.

I got new glasses this week!! Just have to wait for them to come now – giraffe print!! 🙂

This is amazingly awesome. I wonder if I’d have the patience to knit one of these? Janelle Haskin‘s whole etsy shop is gorgeous. I need to get my knitting on!! Haha. I reckon I could do something like this on GIANT needles….?

I like this “Mini Goals” chalkboard 🙂



I really want to see the new Harry Potter film… it’s going to be so sad 😦  I can’t work out where I think they’ll cut it off at part one to start part two… I’m going to cry.  Hahaha.  I need to re-read all the books soon, when I have a break in all of my other reading – it’s a bit manic at the moment.  I’ve got another four essays before Christmas yet too… eek.

ELF Cosmetics are running a top special offer at the moment, if you spend £10 or over, you get a free 32-piece eyeshadow palette worth £9. (For deliveries to the UK use code FREE32UK and deliveries to Europe (except Italy) use code FREE32EU.) It’s only this weekend, so be quick! I won some bits in a competition earlier in the year that they were running on Twitter, and their makeup is lovely. The website is I feel the end of my Christmas shopping coming on!!

Also, River Island has just launched on ASOS, which means online shopping for River Island with free P+P! 🙂 If anyone knows where I can get boots like these for less that £85, let me know! I love them, but they cost many pennies 😦

Right, that’s it from me this week – just a mini one I’m afraid.  See you next week with super Christmas shopping ideas!! 🙂 xxx


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