Round ‘Em Up!



Hello lovelies!

Big news this week was obviously the NUS ‘DEMO-lition’ march in London on Wednesday.  I’d like to point out that although I attended the march, this is not a political blog, and I don’t intend on making it one.  I don’t agree with any of the violence that went on, and it’s a shame that a fantastic (and peaceful) protest is now going to be overshadowed by a few who were caught up in the mob mentality. Just a couple of demo-related links; the NUS thanking protesters for attending, and a fantastic article from The Guardian. It was a really good day, three of us from the|Rabbit managed to interview NUS President, Aaron Porter, which was pretty cool!  Ok, </endpolitics> 🙂

What else have I got for you?

This is the most amazing thing I have seen on Youtube, ever! Watch!

My brain just cannot even work this out. Crazy.

Design is Mine

Design is Mine

I have a new tumblr to stalk: here. Beckie has got awesome hair, and I’m very jealous. I’m getting bored of my fringe and superdark purple now. I look so pale, I feel a bit ghostly in the mornings. I might dye it a really nice warm brunette? This colour is stunning! I need hair inspiration, help!! This (on the right) looks amazing, but it’s going to take a lot of fringe growing…. argh, hair is irritating. I wish I had someone to throw a picture at me and say “THIS WILL LOOK SUPERFANTASTIC GET IT NOW”. Anyone? Or maybe I should just buy lots of wigs on eBay.

In the meantime, I might just make turbans and wear lots of bronzer.

The Glamourous Grad Student has glammed up her filofax and the dividers look so good, I’m going to actually have to figure out how to work Powerpoint. Looking forward to 2011-ing my filo!

Do you know how to be fabulous in three easy(ish) steps?

Polly May wrote a poem for Remembrance Day. You can read it here.

These dresses are beautiful.

Right, that’s it for this week!! I’m going back to Ovid & Descartes 🙂  Woop!!


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