Round ‘Em Up!



Sadly, the tube strikes and station closures stopped us from going to meet Keith Richards on Wednesday. I am still hotly anticipating reading his autobiography (which was kindly picked up for me by my lovely sister), even if it does need to wait in the queue until The Odyssey and The Crucible are finished!

Keef’s official twitter!! How have I only just found this!?

I recently discovered ‘GOOP’, and it’s got some really good reading. I like this article on men’s views of their relationships.

I need to tell my friend Emma that River Cottage do courses. Her boyfriend might not be too impressed with me if she runs off with Hugh Fearnely Whittingstall (don’t ask, I don’t see the appeal either…)

This made me laugh at my laptop for about five minutes....

This made me laugh at my laptop for about five minutes....

So, this Wednesday I’ll be heading into London for the national demonstration against education cuts. Check me out, being student-y and protesting!

I need to steal Philippa’s hair. It’s not that different to mine, but I dread to think the amount of hairspray my fringe would need to do that. Anyone??
She has a blog and tumblr too. 🙂

Katie’s Beauty Blog has been on the favourites list a lot this week!

So, on Wednesday, we decided to do Orange Wednesdays and food as we couldn’t see Keith (*sad face*). We went to see Easy A, which I didn’t think would be up to much, but it was actually really good – a bit Mean Girls-y, and some good 80’s cult movie references! To top it off, this tweet made my night!


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