Round ‘Em Up!

Hello lovelies!

The Corpse Bride

The Corpse Bride

What have you got planned for this Halloween?  The Boy will be DJing on Saturday night, so I will be getting dressed up as something and going out!  I have no real ideas costume-wise, and was contemplating either The Corpse Bride or Dias de los Muertos makeup.  If I can’t do the makeup on my own, I might just do black eyes, and get some fangs? Argh, it’s likely that I will end up going as a cat.  Haha.

Oooh, this is a good Corpse Bride video.
Also, I just remembered that I found a ‘Tim Burton makeup’ video on youtube a while ago, and I put it in the Roundup. I wonder if I can find that?? (later: yup, it’s here!)

So, in completely different news, Blair has reviewed Amy Winehouse’s new collection for Fred Perry. I like the argyle jumper dress 🙂

Next week, Keith Richards is doing the only UK signing for his autobiography, Life, at Waterstones. I am going with my sister, and hopefully we’re going to make it to the firrst 450 people, so we can meet him!! I’m not even going to be able to say hi, I’ll be so starstruck.

Keith Richards

Keith Richards

I also found out that Mr Johnny Depp is reading the audiobook. I’m really not a fan of audiobooks, but I might have to buy it. You can listen to an introduction from Keith, and the first part read by Johnny Depp here. WARNING: The combination of the voices of both the Human Riff himself and Captain Jack Sparrow may cause weakness at the knees, and in extreme cases, an inability to leave the computer. 😉

I also set up my own weheartit to keep track of images and things, so feel free to go browse 🙂

I’ve found another Aqua dress in the sale, in my size!! Eeep!

Righty, my lovelies, I’m afriad it’s a short one today, as I have Halloween shopping to do!! Have a fabulous weekend! xx


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