Round ‘Em Up!

So, today’s is a Friday roundup – from now on, the roundup will always be up on a Friday, and will hopefully contain some ideas for things to do with your weekend! This weekend, The Boy is DJing at a ‘Bubblegum Foam Party’, where apparently you can eat the foam, so (awful cold permitting) that’s where I’m headed!

Sober Is Sexy

Sober Is Sexy

The first week of Uni has gone really well. The first day was a bit overwhelming, but I think it was just information overload (I had three lectures and a two-hour seminar, almost back to back!). It’s going really well, I’m reading a risiculous amount (Descartes’ Discourse on Method, Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, and Douglass’ The Narrative of Frederick Douglass, as well as Ken Follett‘s Fall of Giants) On an related note, Ken Follett’s website is really interesting! Worth a look!! πŸ™‚

I bought this dress from Warehouse a couple of weeks ago, but I haven’t worn it yet. I’m trying to think how I can make it more winter-y without looking like Morticia Addams. It looks pretty good with my leather biker jacket, but I’m struggling with shoes… Hmm.

I mentioned the “Sober is Sexy” line a couple of roundups ago, and it’s now launched! Don’t worry, they ship worldwide πŸ™‚ The t-shirts look great (this is my favourite), and the models styling looks really good – I’m definitely copying some of those makeup looks!

Polly May made some amazing cupcakes last week, and she kindly shared the recipe! I’ve not tested it out yet, and I’m sure that my attempt won’t look nearly as good. They’re almost too pretty to eat!

Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow

As I seem to have doubled my spare time since becoming a student, I can feel some DIY projects coming on. This body chain is on the list, and luckily for me, there’s a GIANT B&Q across the road πŸ™‚
I also stumbled across A Pair and A Spare, which is going to be very handy for DIY inspiration!

I’m quite tempted to sign up to Graze. The nibble boxes look really tasty, and it might help my silly iron thing. I’ve got a couple of discount codes too, so if you’d like one, comment and I’ll send it to you!

Ted Hughes’ Last Letter has been published. I think it’s beautiful. It’s very sad, and I can see why he chose not to have it published with Birthday Letters. The sense of his guilt at Sylvia Plath’s suicide is awful; her suicide note being delivered too early and him watching her burn it whilst she assured him that everything was okay. You can read it here, or watch it being read by Jonathan Pryce here.

This is why I love Johnny Depp. Awesome awesome awesome.

I joined the new gym this week, and so I’ll be back on my way to gym-bunnyness very soon! Yay! (Not that I’m far off, but a bit of toning wouldn’t go amiss…)

Right! I’m off to do some more reading!! Have a FABULOUS weekend!


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