Round ‘Em Up!

Good evening lovelies!

So, this could possibly be the last roundup at Serendipitycupcake as we know it!!
I’m planning a complete overhaul of the blog, with a new layout, new content and a new name!  (To be fair, the new name is proving to be the hardest part – how important is the name of your blog? is helping!) Hopefully, my overhaul will have been completed by this time next week!
Basically, the reasoning behind this is that I want this blog to be something I’m proud of; I want it to contain the very best writing I’m capable of, to be full of content that people want to read, and to be something I’m pleased to stamp my name over and send off to the internets. It’s not that I’m not proud of it as it is, it’s that I know it can be better, and I only want the best for you!!

So, on with the roundup!

It is the 20th anniversary of Edward Scissorhands this year! I love Edward Scissorhands. And also Mr Depp 😉

Book geek time; are you a librarian, or a rock star?

I’m going to find a pair of skinnies this week, and do this to them. Speaking of DIY, this is awesome.

This cake looks amazing! Yum!

I really love this little apartment – I love the bookshelves above the bed! sadly, i don’t plan on moving to Sweden any time soon…

The New York Times has got a how-to for the 60’s beehive.

I love everything about this outfit.


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