Round ‘Em Up!!

Hello lovelies!

I have had an AWESOME week, with Come Dine With Me (at casa del Swapna for Butter Chicken and Konnie’s pavlova), and a girly Wednesday night cinema and Nando’s trip to see Salt. It was very good, you should go and see it. Much better than I expected, and Angelina gets high expectations! 😉

So, tomorrow I am planning on buying a Sony Pocket e-Reader with my Waterstones vouchers, with the reason being that I have chosen my options for my English Literature course. There are two full modules, and four half modules. One of these half modules has a reading list consisting of no less than twenty-five books. My shoulder does not approve of the weight of my filofax, so I can’t see it liking me hefting around unabridged copies of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Great Gatsby, Dante’s Inferno and Homer’s Odyssey! And Andrew Marr approves!

As I’m sure is fairly obvious, I am fairly excited now 🙂

Okay, enough ebooks – I might do a little review of my e-reader once I get it.

hey ho lets go

hey ho lets go

On with the roundup!!  Just a little one this week, as I’ve been super busy with my social-butterfly-ness 🙂

What do you call yourself?

I am such a typical Aries. I love this article.  So, so true.

Aries Lifestyle Tip Five: Never queue. Never go on hold. Never complain. Never explain. Never ever give up. Never take s***.

Sara Walker is my newest Youtube find, and she’s very good!

What else? Ooh! Daydreams and Tea is a cute tumblr I found 🙂

I’m thinking of doing some book reviews and things on here, if people would be interested in reading them. I’m on Goodreads already, but as I don’t know anyone on Goodreads, it’s pretty boring as far as social networking goes. Also, next year, on top of the crazy amount of books I’ll be reading for my course, I’m going to be Books Editor for the Uni newspaper, so I’ll have lots of books for reading…. Opinions?

Loves for this week!!
Getting lots of e-Books in preparation for the Reader!
Planning for the Zoo trip – Friday: Takeaway and Robert Downey Jr. & Saturday: ZOO!
Organising dinner with Candy!
A long Bank Holiday weekend with the Boy
Yoga practise before the course starts!!

Belle; is it surprising that she was my favourite Disney heroine?

Belle; is it surprising that she was my favourite Disney heroine?



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