Round ‘Em Up!

Good morning lovelies!

I’ve been reading The Secret this week, and it’s quite good! To that end, it’s a bit of a positive-thinking roundup this week! 🙂

Postcards : Weheartit

Postcards : Weheartit

There’s a good article here on the importance of gratitude. What are you grateful for?

Gala has fantastic article on being happy. Loads of good stuff, as always!

Louise L. Hay‘s daily affirmations are good, and there’s a new one every day, so worth checking back. Today’s is ‘my life is full of little miracles popping up out of the blue‘.

I found Think Simple Now, and this article on the art of Smiling. Aww.

Veeboutique is a very cute blog I stumbled upon. I love her countdown roundups!

This Fellow is Keiko Lynn‘s other half. He’s tattooed, he cooks, and he’s very photogenic. I’m going to make his cookie recipe this weekend! (Contemplating my Awesome Chocolate Cake, too… hmm)

Hermes scarves may be slightly out of my price range, but this website is very cool. Loads of girls from different cities wearing their scarves in all different styles. I need to raid my scarf drawer and try some of these out!



So, this week, I am loving and looking forward to:
Yoga practise, before my course starts on 20th September! Yay, bendy!
Lazy weekend with The Boy
Reading The Secret, and having nearly finished The Poisonwood Bible
Black fingernails
Having purple hairs again!
Upcoming girly weekend with Polly May
Seeing Salt with Swapna for Orange Wednesday
Come Dine With Me with the Boy, Swapna and Konnie
Getting my Essential Guide to Freshers Week in the post!
Lots of plans for the blog (watch out!!)
Manifesting loads of good stuff – ask and you shall receive!

I’m also planning on a library trip to find out some more about EFT. Has anyone tried it, and could give me some info??

I hope you have a fabulous week lined up!! Lovelovelove xxx


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