Round ‘Em Up!

Hello lovelies!

I am sorry for the lack of Roundup last week, but you were treated to a peep at my wardrobe instead!!

This week I have a veritable goldmine of linkage for your perusal, as I’ve been scouring the internets to find the very best for you 🙂 Here we go!



{frolic!} is a gorgeous wedding blog, and is giving me lots of beach-wedding ideas. I’ve got quite a while yet, but it’s never too early for planning!
Ruffled is another one I’ve spent a good couple of hours browsing this week 🙂 This wedding is stunning (and parts 2 & 3, and the engagement photos). All of the photography for this couple is by Caroline Ghetes. I just want to pick this whole wedding up and have it as my own!

I have never seen anyone wear lipstick as well as Keiko Lynn. It looks amazing! I really need to start using lipliner!!

You really should check out Gala’s post on Gay and Katie Hendricks. I like the seven principles and magic moves; Everything can be resolved with willingness and love. Love is the ultimate healer and liberator, because only love is vast enough to embrace its opposite.

I’ve been inspired by Sandra to start clothes shopping in home stores. I’m going to be searching for a stripy blanket this weekend!


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