Round ‘Em Up!

Good afternoon!!

This week, I’ve got lots of goodies, not least the fact that Gala Darling has got a half price sale on her Love & Sequins podcast 🙂

These American Thighs found a study of the sexiest size, and the billboard showed sizes 6 to 16. Only 2% of people voted for size 6, but which size do you think came out top?

The drawings at Lavender Scribbles are awesome.



Hmm, hugely debating this dress, to go with last weeks shoes. Also, £155 down to £38? Opinions please!!

Tomorrow, I am going to see Russell Howard!! YAY!! Very, very excited, and no idea what to wear. Haha.

As this watch is £90 and I can’t warrant it, I’m going to make one! I’ll post how it turns out once I get around to actually doing it 🙂

This is a really interesting article from the Guardian about the rise in tattooing culture. It’s nice to see an article that isn’t saying all tattoos are bad and mostly regretted, and it’s nice that it’s seen from the artists side too.

I love all of the clothes, and all of the boots in this editorial from Studded Hearts. Wantwantwant.

Yet again, I have only just caught on to a blog everyone else has been reading for ever, but Sea of Shoes = Yay!

Fleet is a very cool company. I love the Tusk bracelet, and the Rock & Roll Suicide and Psycho Killer earrings.

Okay, so that is all from me this week, have a great weekend!! xx


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