Round ‘Em Up!


I hope you’ve got a wonderful weekend lined up!  I’ve been scouring the internet for you this week, lovelies, and I have found some fantastic links for your perusal 🙂  Here we go…

Salute Your Shorts!

Salute Your Shorts!

Bleach Black is a great Tumblr-style fashion blog, and over at Element Eden, Valerie did a guest post for DIY fashion – salute your shorts! I’m definitely going to be making a pair of these! They’re awesome 🙂

I’ve found Chic Heroin this week too, through another blog, but I can’t remember which one – sorry! Elizabeth’s posts are full of great photographs and outfits. I also want to steal her birthday updo.

Have a look inside Gala Darling’s handbag.

Rachelle from Oh Deerio has written a great post on the power of positive thinking. I think that her pact to stay away from the ‘FML’ feeling is really great. In fact, the whole Oh Deerio blog is great.

Love this post from Garance Dore on hotpants. Wear ’em with pride!! (Especially if they’re star-spangled like Valerie’s!)

Go do this quiz!

I like Keri Smith’s manifestos quite a lot, and i like her post on finding your calling. 100 ideas is worth reading too.

Paint your nails this weekend! Leopard-print, and Monet-style 🙂

Tres Lola is another great new (to me) blog. I love this post on how to define success, and this one on body image vs body health.

Sad Keanu is actually hilarious. Photoshopped pictures of Keanu Reeves looking unimpressed at everything. You can’t be happy all the time when you’re The One!

The boy bought me a yoga DVD yesterday, and I tested it out last night. Today, I feel about two inches taller and my shoulder isn’t aching for the first time in ages. I didn’t realise how bad my posture is getting from sitting at a computer all day and then slumping on the sofa when I come home. Yoga’s on the menu again tonight, and I will be bendy again before I know it!!

Right, that’s all from me this week – have a great weekend!! xx




One thought on “Round ‘Em Up!

  1. molly says:

    Right. I’m back. Properly! And yes, thank you for the iron recipes and no, I haven’t been able to try them out yet – having moved back home for my placement year, it’s kinda hard to use a kitchen that isn’t yours. Especially when three meals a day just magically appear in front of you without you having moved a muscle.

    Saying that, can’t wait to move back out again, only need to wait 2 and a half months…woohoo! x

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