Round ‘Em Up!

Good evening, lovelies!! I hope that you have all had a fantastic week, and are enjoying some sunshine, wherever you are!!

Love Potion

Love Potion

Cafe y Suenos (Coffee and Dreams) is the best tumblr I’ve found in a really long time. Really great quotes and photos and everything. Love.

If you’re feeling environmentally- and animal-friendly, you should go and sign this petition to stop whale hunting. The International Whaling Commission are voting to legalise commercial whale hunting – which has been illegal since 1986 – and the petitions aim is to stop it. Go sign.

Today marks one year since Michael Jackson died. My upstairs neighbours are playing lots of MJ songs this evening 🙂 The Hollywood Glamour have an article today rounding up a years worth of stories, and the Associated Press have an article on todays tributes.

This is great. Hehe.

I very much like fade to black a lot. And I like her big fat clutch bags a lot too.

Cool Hair

Cool Hair

More lovely fashion stylin’ here.

Hair stylist tips for the perfectly messy bun. I’m going to try this, and look all chic with my Lily Allen fringe 🙂

Vintage fashion blog Living Vintage is awesome. Twila Jean wears vintage every days, and she looks amazing.

This week, my student loan stuff has all been sorted (two days before the deadline, check me out!!), and so now it feels like I’m really going!! Argh – exciting!! The University Blog has got an article on why you should get serious about university, hehe.

Righty, that’s me for this week – have a fabulous weekend and I will see you next week!! xx


2 thoughts on “Round ‘Em Up!

  1. Martin says:

    Thanks for the link to my getting serious about uni post!

    Best of luck with your planning. Hope you have an amazing time. What will you be studying?

    By the way, Regina Spektor is fantastic. Really rate her music…super talented!

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