Round Em Up!

Hello lovelies!!

We’re back on a Friday Night roundup this week, as I have got a manic weekend lined up, and didn’t want to deprive you!!

I’ve been thinking about renaming the blog to something… catchier.  I’m not sure.  I like it how it is, but ‘Serendipity Cupcake’ doesn’t roll off the tongue too easily, and doesn’t really mean anything.  Suggestions will be taken into consideration, so feel free!!

This week, the blog is going to be mainly fashion-oriented, with some extras thrown in.  I’ve been scouring blogs all week looking for further inspiration for outfits that don’t revolve around jeans, and I’ve found some gorgeousness that I need to share!



5 Inch & Up is amazing, and Sandra’s outfits and photographs are beautiful. I’m also very tempted to buy these from her shop…. hmmmm.

Speaking of boots, I really want to get some that I can wear dresses with. I was debating a pair of vintage floral DMs, but they seem to be impossible to find in a) my size, b) the print I want, and c) less than £80. Grrr. These are also utterly awesome, and also sadly out of my budget.

I want to not like her, because she is Mrs. Johnny Depp, but Vanessa Paradis always seems so nice, and normal, in interviews. How can you dislike someone whose idea of a perfect date is “My boy, no telephone, somewhere in Champagne. A lost weekend.“? Awww.

This is a great article from The Times. Yay, lets promote healthy and toned, instead of starved and skinny!! This makes me very happy, and more influential media types should catch on. Go Times Online!!

Vintage Lover is another of my fashion blog finds this week, and I think is the blog I found 5 Inch & Up through.

Aww, Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford got married 🙂

Russell Brand advises you to release the kraken! in this Q&A with Rolling Stone.

C’est Vogue! Lots more lovely fashion!!

I LOVE this dress. If anyone wants to buy me a present, please feel free!! I will be unendingly grateful. It’s GORGEOUS!! And this one… ahh, I need to save up!!

Right then lovelies, that will do you for this weekend!! Enjoy! xxx


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