Round ‘Em Up!

Good morning lovelies!!
It is a gorgeously sunny Saturday morning here, and so I hope you’ve got something great lined up for the weekend!

Katie's Birds

Katie's Birds

So, I need to let you know that Color Me Katie is fast becoming top of my blog checking list. Totally amazing and inspiring. I’m going to make some birds for my flat soon! I found some sihouettes here, so as soon as I’ve got a chance to blow them up and print them out, I’m getting right on that!! They look amazing!  That picture there is my desktop background right now too 🙂

I also found A Cup of Jo this week too. Jo’s on maternity leave from blogging at the moment, but there’s guest blogs and heaps to look through until she comes back. She’s a magazine writer (*sigh of envy*), and writes for loads of magazines, as well as for her blog.

Chelsea has announced the Seablanket Etsy Shoppe officially open!! Yay for vintage-y goodness!!

The 1000 Journals Project is awesome. Likelikelike 🙂

Hehe, this note made me laugh 🙂

The best thing about living with someone you’re in love with is that it’s like a rad slumber party all the time. – Gala Darling

The Boy and I went on a date this week. Here is what we talked about:

Hahah!! xxx


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