Sia at the Roundhouse, Camden

So, Thursday was finally the Sia concert that I have been crazy excited for months about. True to form, Sia was astounding. As good, if not better than last time I saw her. I thought I’d do a proper post on the gig, because it was awesome.

Sia at the Roundhouse, Camden

Sia at the Roundhouse, Camden

I went with Lushy Emma and Danni, and I promised them that she would be crazy and amazing, and she was! She did some great audience-interaction, encouraging heckling (“Does anybody want to heckle?“) and when someone shouted “show us your tits!” (classy Brit audience 😉 ), she shouted back, “they’re just like your mums!” Hahaha.

Anyway, Eliza Doolittle was the support act, and she was pretty good – she’s on Twitter too, and her websites got loads of youtube links, so you should go have a listen. I liked ‘Pack Up’ best, but we did only catch about half of her set, and the others we heard were really good too 🙂

Sia sung all of my favourites, with Breathe Me being a massive highlight, and mixing in songs from her new album. She forgot the words to Day Too Soon, but the audience sang along, regardless. Her new songs were really good. Much more ‘poppy’ than her other songs, more like Buttons. Nice and dancey 🙂

I flickred my photos from the night, so feel free to go have a look!

Now, do I reign myself in, or do I buy tickets for the Troxy in October?! 😉 xx


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