Round ‘Em Up!

Hello lovelies!  Happy Saturday!

This week, the roundup is going to be mostly fashion-beauty-craft-y because I have found lots of lovely things!

p.s. i made this

p.s. i made this

The Times have got a great article on Alex Box, the creative director of Illamasqua. This makeup is awesome. I really want the new Body Electric purple nail varnish. It’s called Jo-Mina, and it’s loooovley. The new nail colours are by Sophy Robson too!

This week, I also found Seablanket. Lots of lovely crafty diy like this and this (super awesome, this one!). I like lots and lots.

I also like Nicole’s guides on how to deal with a quarter life crisis, and how to be a woman a lot.

“Lay awake one night and finally come to terms with the fact that being a woman isn’t about being everything to everyone. It’s simply about being whatever you want to be, unstoppably, and nothing more.”

OhMyGod. These are the most amazing nails I have seen for a very long time. That is patience. Foof.

I also found this amazing tutorial for Tim Burton-esque makeup. You too can look like Helena Bonham Carter! (These photos of her are beautiful, by the way.)

Right then, my lovelies, that is all from me. Have a fabulous weekend!!! xxx


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