Round ‘Em Up!

Good evening lovelies!!Β  I hope you are having a fantabulous bank holiday weekend!

As it’s her birthday, go visit my gorgeous little sister and welcome her to the roaring twenties!! πŸ˜€ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

On to the linkage!!

I love Positively Present, and this week we’ve got the positive power of words and free downloads! (it’s a pdf, and I tried to open it in the tab and it froze my firefox, might just be me, but you might want to open it in a new tab!)
There’s also a great post on 5 ways to amp yourself up every morning. It’s a guest post from Mike Weaver, at Find Inspiration Today.

I’ve linked 1000 Awesome Things before, but go and update yourself because this site is seriously fabulous πŸ™‚ I like #522, #995, and #833 Hee! πŸ™‚

The #GratitudeList on Twitter. What are you grateful for?

Sia at St. Andrews Hall

Sia at St. Andrews Hall

I’ve got 25 days until I see Sia!! So so so excited. I found these awesome photos of one of her shows from last week, and now I’m even more excited than I already was!! There’s a flickr set as well. She was amazing last time I saw her, and I’m so looking forward to it!

There are some really great articles on Rabbit Write, and you should pop over there for a look around. There’s loads of stuff, on loads of different topics, and they’re all very very good.

Rachael at Fur Coat, No Knickers has got a sneaky look at the New Look a/w2010 collection, and foof, there are some very good shoes going on over there. *Note to self: black boots from New Look when they come out!*

Righty then, I am off to bed now, but I hope you have a wonderful May Day tomorrow, and that the week ahead holds something great!! xx


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