Round ’em up!

Good afternoon my lovelies!!  This is the first roundup on my lovely new laptop.  His name is Sherlock and he is fabulously quick.  Hehe.

I am LOVING the sunshine – now just to hope it lasts and this weekend isn’t the height of the British summer, like it was last year.  Now that it’s actually half decent weather, the Boy has started running outside, and it’s actually pretty nice.  We’ve got a little windy path alongside the river, and it adds up to about a five-mile run.  I, however, look like a baby giraffe when running and there is a distinct possibility that my legs are about-to-snap-like-twiglets-any-second.  As a human being, I am not designed for running.  I have failed my species. Luckily for me, The Times have provided this helpful article to dispel running myths. They have concluded that it’s true that running is bad for your face though. Hmm.

Lily Allen

Lily Allen

So! What else has been going on this week? I got my fringe cut, Jessica Weekley (no pics as NSFW!) style, last weekend totally spur of the moment. I went shopping with my mum, and we went to the wig shop to try wigs on (my mum is cool. Haha), and I tried on this fringe-y thing, which clashed lovely with my purple hair as it was black, but it looked awesome, so we went to the hairdressers next door and ten minutes later, I had a fringe and a box of almost-black hair dye 🙂 The purple is currently still shining through the dye, but I love it. Another couple of touch ups and it won’t be purple anymore. I’ve got used to being fringe-y now too, and I like it very much. The Boy thinks my hair looks like I scalped Lily Allen in her nice fringe-y phase, like that picture over there.  Hehe.

Somewhat narcisstically (sp?), I really want to get a Lookbook page. I know that mostly my wardrobe is not overly interesting, but I do occasionally (read: at weekends) put something half-decent together, and I need to get out of my jeans and tee-shirt rut, and I think that might help. READERS! If you have a spare invite going, I would really really appreciate it!! Look! and look! I can do cool and fashiony 🙂 Hehe.

haruna. by =ravenskar

haruna. by =ravenskar

Oooh, also, a new tumblr I found – Alexandrie & Paris has got some gorgeous fashion-esque photography. Lovelovelove. Also, A-Bomb. Yesyes.  I really need to find something more productive to do with my time than search all over tumblr for hours!!

OHMYGOD, this bedroom is totally amazing!! Sadly, there’s a boy sharing my bedroom now, and I’m not sure he’d appreciate all the pink. Argh!

I really need a good desktop background, but I can’t find any that I like. I’m loving Windows 7 (geek alert), but it’s taking some getting used to! My old laptop was on XP, so it’s completely different and I keep clicking things that aren’t what I think they are! Haha, ah well, won’t take long!


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