Round ’em up!

Good morning lovelies!!

We are switching back to a Saturday service this week – evidently my Arien nature is too impatient and making me do roundups on a Friday!
Anyway, I hope that you have all had a fabulous week, and your Easter eggs are all eaten now!

What have I got for you this week? Here we go!

Firstly, The Drifter and The Gypsy is beautiful. If you have never visited Micaela’s blog, you need to. I am completely in awe. She’s also got a tumblr, and I honestly could sit and sift through it for hours.

Zanita‘s photography is rad 🙂 Very very very pretty.

I like Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea a lot. Hee hee. And I completely agree about Dawn Porter’s column in the Stylist.



I am very jealous of Jade’s nails, and I’ve been obsessively stalking WAH Nails tumblr for nail-inspiration. Polly May did leopard nails a little while ago. There’s nail-art everywhere!!

I’m trying to work out if thigh-high boots are A Very Bad Thing, or if they are so wrong that they go full circle, and are actually quite cool. They have some in River Island on sale, and I can’t work out how much I like them. For instance, these and these look awesome. Hmmm.  Curiouser and curiouser.



The Book Club book this month is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and I will be putting up the book club page soon – I promise!!

Righty, I am off into town for some shopping!!  Have a fantabulous weekend! xxx


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