(Hello lovelies, apologies that this is a slightly delayed post, hence references to my birthday. It’s okay, it’s still birthday week!)



I have notebooks everywhere, in every handbag, beside the bed, on the desk, in the bookcase.  By far, my favourites are my journals.  They’re specific and I’m fussy, so I have to buy them myself.  They have to be hardback, with lined pages and a ribbon page marker.  They have their own little space on the bookshelf where they live.  I need to write in them more.  The current one has lasted more than twice as long as they usually do, and I need to make more time to write in them.  I like my journals to have bits stuck in them that I’ve ripped out of newspapers and magazines, and quotes from books and films in big felt-tip lettering. I like looking at other people’s journals and seeing how they use them, seeing what inspires other people.  I need to spend less time faffing around on the internet and re-reading people’s blogs and tumblrs, and more time writing.

by cecilleavila

by cecilleavila

So, my birthday resolution this year – as birthdays are much more meaningful than January 1st, and therefore resolutions are more likely to stick – is to take more notice of the things that inspire me to write, and then write about them.  The aim is to fill up the current journal and start a new one in the same amount of time as it used to take me.  I need to start taking my journal with me when I go somewhere again.  I’m going to write, write, write, until the writing starts to take some sort of shape, and then I’m going to start really writing again.


2 thoughts on “Journalling

  1. Justin says:

    That’s really a great way to start your own new year. I love my journal too, but don’t know how to really fill it to the brim with good stuff, so look forward to seeing how it should be done well!

    Can you keep us up to date with how your filling goes? 😉

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