Round ’em up!

Happy Easter!  I hope that you’re all having a fabulous long weekend 🙂  I’ve got loads of links to keep you busy this week!

My birthday was on Monday, and I had a lovely day, despite the rain!  I got loads of books, Florence & The Machine‘s album, a new hairdryer (mine blew up a week before, so good timing!) and lots of other little bits and pieces. My sister thought that buying me wrinkle cream would be funny – it’s prevention rather than cure!!

Original Paper Cut Quote by MrYen

Original Paper Cut Quote by MrYen

I love the papercut above. It’s a quote from Alice in Wonderland, and when the Boy and I have our house, and I have my own little room for writing, I’m going to get this and put it above my desk. It’s awesome.

New blog, Not Tonight Darling, I’m Washing My Hair is wicked. It’s got lots of reviews of beauty hair and makeup stuff, and is very funny reading 🙂 Obsessive checking for updates? Yes.
Jade is one of the writers for I’m Washing My Hair, and her personal blog is also most definitely worth a look 🙂

On my internet travels this week, I’ve found Blair on a Budget as well, and I have totally found my style twin – military/biker jackets and skulls, and basically looking like a window dressing in an All Saints shop. If only I had the life that I could look like this all the time. Sadly, I am back in my jeans-and-t-shirt rut, but it is ending soon, I promise!!

I am  :  Flickr

I am : Flickr

Apples and Porsches have got roundups too, and a great ‘wholestyle’ approach. Lovelovelove.

There’s loads of good stuff at Holier Than Now, and you need to go and have a look. Her blog posts are done as collages, and they’re awesome and gorgeous.

33 ways to start your day is good, and I’m going to try some of these things out! I need to make the Boy more of a morning person, so I’m not up for hours on my own 🙂

Right then,  I am off to do house-y things and to decide on April’s book for the book club!!  I hope that you all have a fantastic Easter, with lots of bunnies and egg hunting!  xxx


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