Round ’em up!

Happy Friday lovelies!!

I hope you have got a fabulous weekend lined up! I will be lunching tomorrow, and then running on Sunday! It’s exciting! We have got our 118 118 costumes all sorted now, and Sarah has got our moustaches 🙂

I love dinosaurs!!

I love dinosaurs!!

Right, on to the linkage!!

Firstly, you should most definitely pay Polly May a visit. My gorgeous little sister has decided to join the blogging world, and with a post everyday since she joined up, there’s some fantastic content already. Not that I’m at all biased, but go and look for yourselves!

I found a guide for beginners of how to meditate. I’m going to definitely give this a go, because it’s got loads and loads of health benefits and it would be nice not to have loads of stuff buzzing around in my head for ten minutes.

Gala celebrated Holi in New York – it looks like fun!!



I went to see the Bounty Hunter with Sarah this week, and it was actually really good! I don’t normally like chick-flicks, but it was really funny 🙂 Nandos as well, so it was very very good!! Next week, we’re going to try to catch I Love You, Philip Morris, which looks awesome. It’s had some great write-ups for both Ewan McGregor and Jim Carrey. Yay!

I very much like the look of Listography. You can make lists for all sorts of things, and be very organised 🙂 You can browse through other peoples lists too. I think that this may become a new surfing obsession…

Lastly, here’s a fantastic list of stress-busters from happy things….

♥ Take a mini-vacation from life. On your vacation, only do things that make you happy. Take a breather from your problems and stressors for a while. Once you have given yourself time away, you will be able to face your stress with a fresh face.

♥ Reward yourself for hard work. If you have a big to do list, plan to reward yourself for getting through it. It will give you incentive to push through to the end. You can take yourself shopping, watch your favorite television show, or enjoy a tasty treat like ice cream.

♥ Start a stress journal. It will give you a place to vent and rant without fearing judgement from the listener. Sometimes when I’m stressed, I just scribble on the pages of my stress journal. It really does make you feel better.

♥ Channel your stress into a positive project or endeavor.

♥ Take the time to organize. You will just magnify your stress if you are unorganized. Make sure your workspace is clean and clear of unnecessary clutter. Keep a planner or organizer to record appointments.

♥ Have a good laugh. Laughter is the best stress reliever out there. Watch a funny sitcom or comedy show. Spend time with your friends and reminisce about good times. Have a tickle war with someone who makes you giggle.

♥ Find a hobby that helps quell your stressors. Everyone is different so you have to figure out what helps you. I like to clean or crochet when I’m feeling stressed. My best friend Brittany like to bake when she is stressed. That is stress-relief and yumminess in one!!

♥ When facing extreme stress, remember to breathe. Try not to panic or freak out. Remember that nothing is worth having a meltdown over. There is a solution for any problem as long as you remain calm and level-headed.

♥ Talk to someone about your stress. It feels good to tell someone what you are going through. When you verbalize all of your anxiety, it helps you to dismiss needless worry.

♥ Be willing to ask for help. Sometimes you can’t handle everything on your own. It isn’t always easy to ask for help, but it can really help to have someone on your side. Most people are willing to help, but they don’t know that you need help if you don’t ask.

♥ Prioritize your tasks. Complete tasks that need to be done right away first before worrying about tasks that can be done later on.

♥ Take things one step at a time. Sometimes it is overwhelming when you look at the big picture. Just focus on the present when you are feeling stressed.

♥ Make sure that you are eating well. It is easy to neglect eating when you are extremely busy, but you will just make your stress worse without fueling your body. You need a full tank to stay positive and motivated.

♥ Try to get enough sleep every night. Sleep deprivation is a major cause of stress. If you can’t get the required amount of sleep at night, try to take several small power naps during the day. I know a guy who works nights, so he takes naps in his car in between his college classes during the day. Whatever works!

♥ Make yourself a playlist of calming music. If you start to feel stressed, put on your stress-relief tunes and relax for a few minutes.

♥ Throw on some loud dance music and dance around like a crazy person until you are completely out of breath. This really does work!

♥ Light a scented candle and ask someone sweet to rub your neck or feet. I really do believe in aromatherapy.

♥ If someone is causing your stress, it might be beneficial to let them know you are overwhelmed. Because everyone is different, they might not realize that they are causing your stress. We all have different levels of stress we can handle, and they may not know what your level is. Ask them to give you a break.

♥ Try taking up a calming exercise like yoga or pilates. If that isn’t your bag, try running or going for a walk.

♥ Print out some crossword or sudoku puzzles and channel your stress into solving them.

♥ Try playing a challenging video game. It helps focus your frustrated and stressed energies.

♥ Brew a pot of tea, grab a good book, and enjoy an afternoon away from all your stress.

Have an amazing weekend, whatever it is that you’re doing!!
Lovelove xx


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