Round ’em up!

Good afternoon lovelies!!

Sorry for the lateness of the Roundup this week, Safari has decided that it no longer wants to play with my laptop, so if anyone has any tips on how to stop ‘serious error’ messages popping up, I’d be glad to hear them! I’ve been defragging and deleting unused its and pieces all morning, and I’ve got it just about functioning now. Donations of a MacBook would be gratefully accepted 😉

Right – on to the linkage!!  GIANT roundup this week!!

The Boy and I have been playing lots of Scrabble this week, as he’d never played it before (!), and I’m teaching him 🙂 Hehe. Scrabble Checker could come in handy if he want to beat my 51-point words any time soon! (For those who are interested, it was ‘pique’ acros a double letter and a triple word score. Muahahaha.)

As you’re all aware, I’m sure, Gala Darling is continuing the Playgirl’s Guide to Radical Self Love (yay!), with Body Loving being next on the agenda. You need to read Empty Bellies Do Not Beget Genius, it is an awesome article, and so very very true.

A hungry girl is an ineffectual girl. A hungry girl is a girl sapped of energy, strength, life-force. A hungry girl can’t achieve anything, fix anything, come up with a bold, brave solution. Choosing to go hungry is a way of subjugating your own strength, your own power. It is a way of making yourself small & useless. It is asking someone else to take care of you. It is about giving up, giving in.

You know what, though? No one actually wants you to be like this. Any man worth his salt wants a woman who is a worthy adversary, someone who is his equal, strong & proud, someone who will tell him to pipe down when he needs it, & someone who can support him with unwavering personal strength & unconditional love. Women don’t want you to be like this. We want you to love yourself, feel beautiful, achieve AMAZING things & rock the world. We want you to inspire us & show us what you’re made of. We want you to be a rad role model, a beacon of light, a shocking wake-up call.

Go and read it now.

Hugs not Drugs!

Hugs not Drugs!

The Times have got a cool article on youtube tutorials, and how to do Lady Gaga’s ‘bow’ hair! Cool! I’m going to try this out 🙂

And for more newspaper-ness, the Daily Mail have got some more lovely Tim Burton/Helena Bonham-Carter stuffs 🙂

This is model Coco Rocha’s blog, and the article linked is her point of view on sizism (I think I just made that word up) in the modeling industry. “I’m a 21 year old model, 6 inches taller and 10 sizes smaller than the average American woman. Yet in another parallel universe I’m considered “fat”.” It’s Coco’s response to articles printed about her in the press, slating her for being ‘too fat for the runway’… worth reading.

Wicked Whimsy can tell you How to Stop Worrying all the Damn Time, among other things 🙂 Goodness.  Following your instincts is a great article from Ashe Mischief, telling you how you should go with your gut feelings more often, cause they’re usually right!


Byron : weheartit

I need to start writing again. I miss it. Last year The year before last, I did the NaNoWriMo challenge, but I didn’t finish the novel I was writing, and it has languished, unloved, for quite a while now. I’m debating whether to revive it, or to start afresh. I found a great article on The Guardian last week, where lots of writers gave their 10 rules for writing fiction. Read Part One and Part Two. Good stuff, and makes me feel all inspired to start again.

Right, so the plan for this weekend is to decide what I want to do for my birthday; do some writing;  play some more Scrabble with the Boy;  tonight he’s DJing with the The Cut-Up Boys, so I’m off to that;  do some journalling;  tidy up the flat (some of my beads snapped and I’m still finding them all over the place…)…  I think that’s it!


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