Round ’em up!

Happy Saturday!

I have found some FANTABULOUS links for you this week! Crafty, Valentines-y, all sorts! And once you’re done perusing the linkage, come and read The Time Travelers Wife in the Cupcake Book Club!

I love Carol Ann Duffy, the new poet laureate. The Times had an awesome interview with her, where she spoke about how all poetry is about love in one sense or another. Wicked. You can read some of her poetry here.

The Times have also printed Alexander McQueen’s last interview.  It’s so, so sad.  I’ve had to stop myself keep reading things, because the more I see of it, about Isabella Blow, and his mother, makes me more sad that he really couldn’t cope without them.

Marilyn Monroe by Douglas Kirkland, 1961

Marilyn Monroe by Douglas Kirkland, 1961

Valentines Overload! The Guardian have a huge roundup of everything you could possibly need for Valentines Day. There’s last minute ideas there too, so no excuses!!

Today is Madly in Love with Me Day. Go and look 🙂

I just found SuperAlzy, and every article is awesome. I love the Magic Monday posts. Wickedness.

Crafty loveliness now, and P.S. I Made This is amazing. I am going to make one of these faux-fur vests, and am quite taken with these super-duper shoulder pads!

Faux-Fur Vest  :  P.S. I Made This

Faux-Fur Vest : P.S. I Made This

Need to go shopping and get me some fur 🙂

Seven is my lucky number, and look! Lots of spooky number sevens!



Also, check out my awesome Kanye West-esque specs… Hahaha. Faithless were awesome on Wednesday night.  Look at the Boy, trying to squeeze into the photo there.  Bless him.

Have a fabulous weekend, a splendiferous Valentine’s day, and I will see you next week!! xx

Just as a little extra,  my sister has just informed me that the below video is my Dad’s favourite song.  Yes, it’s Florence & The Machine.  I do wonder about him occasionally…


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