I get really excited about New Years Eve.  I like that it’s a brand new year tomorrow, and I’ve got lots and lots of loveliness planned for 2010!  I’ve got a list of things I’m going to do next year, and resolutions and things (N.B. a very good tip is to only make resolutions until July, because a year is a bit daunting!).  Have you made resolutions?  Are you giving up something for 2010, or starting something new?

I AM SO EXCITED! 2009 has already been an amazing year, and I know that 2010 is going to be even better!

Gala Darling is getting ready for 2010 too, and – as ever – has got some awesome ideas for getting your life in order 🙂

I’m going to be using my lovely new pink filofax to get organised this year, and I’ll be buying an extra diary insert to use as a food diary, so I can keep track and make sure that I’m eating enough iron-rich foods to fix my very very low iron count. I’m really going to try to eat properly next year and be healthy 🙂

As previously mentioned, I am a bit of a bookworm. In 2010, I want to read even more books than I do now.  I’m going to be the library’s most frequent customer!  *Geek alert* I wish there was a book club somewhere near here, because that would be cool.  Maybe I’ll start one! 😉

Gym-going is also going on the list, along with everyone else who makes resolutions!  I’m thinking I might get myself a good yoga dvd, and spend lots of time on Yoga Journal, and get bendy 🙂 I did some pilates classes this year, and they were really great. Pilates.com have got podcasts and all sorts, so maybe that should get on the list too!

So overall, I’m planning to have a healthy and bookish sort of 2010!  What sort of 2010 are you planning?



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