Round ’em up!

w/b 14 December

Oooh, it’s nearly Christmas lovelies!  Look, look there are only as many days left as my little countdown says!

Christmas countdown banner

I’m excited! The Boy and I are having a mini-Christmas on Sunday, he’s cooking a big Christmas dinner, because we’re going to my parents for actual Christmas dinner, so that will be yummy 🙂 Our fridge is full of fresh veggies and loveliness. Nom nom nom.

Hee hee

Hee hee

I’m actually really looking forward to Christmas. Presents are almost done and just need wrapping, and we’ve got some cards up now and I did Christmas presents with Emma on Tuesday (which was lovely), and I’m starting to feel very festive!

Sarah and I are going to see Breakfast at Tiffanys at the Theatre Royal Haymarket on Tuesday, which I am super-super excited for. I lovelovelove the film and the book, and the Anna Friel has had some good reviews for her role as Miss Holiday Golightly. Yayayayay! Awesomeness.

Tomorrow, I am baking these babies. Yum. So far this seems quite a food-oriented roundup, but really, super chocolate brownies, with a biscuit base, and melted marshmallows on top? Oh yes.

Loveshot  :  Tumblr

Loveshot : Tumblr

I’ve decided that my hair is no longer going to be purple, and I’m going back to red, like that picture ^^ I need to do something to it, and white is sadly not an option. This is gorgeous, too. I’m going to stop getting it cut every 7 weeks as well, because it’s now very healthy, but it’s not getting any longer which is what I want. I’m going to just let it grow to where I want it, and do my choppy layers myself for a while. I was contemplating dyeing some extensions the same colour so I feel like I have long locks again! 🙂

Gala loves purple too!! 🙂

I love this article. After reading it, you will never not appreciate weird man-presents again!



Alright then lovelies, this week I have spent far too much time browsing around the internet and not doing much because I have had a weird flu/bug thing (not swine flu, the pigs haven’t got me!), and so there has not been much lovage outside of the internets. However, here’s a little list of non-internet loveliness:
+ The Boy going soup shopping when I couldn’t get out of bed,
+ Lovely Christmas dinner night with Emma (who also had a job interview the next day, and got the job two hours later – yay!)
+ FREEVIEW! Yay, I can watch TV again!
+ Numb3rs marathon, related to above loveliness
+ Disbelief that the Boy hasn’t seen the Grinch. I shall be purchasing it on DVD and glueing him to the sofa.
+ Sending in my first OU essay, which hopefully was alright!
+ Sarah’s new haircut, which is lovely
+ Planning for NEW YORK YAY!!!


One thought on “Round ’em up!

  1. Sarah says:

    I am excited for Breakfast at tiffany’s too, even tho I don’t really know the story line, but hey! Still excited, we are in row D by the way. And thanks for the nice hair comment 🙂 much appreciated.Although my hair is slightly slimey now. not good. And u stole my artist man for your blog… i think I deserve a mention somewhere for showing you this boy’s awesome talents… please feel free to add this whenever you wish lol… i have been out all day i have. went to Auntie Jean’s, made a cake, really cute, then met jack and jo for harvestor and then went to see st. trinian’s… was actually really good lol.. i am super excited as i only have 2 days left at work!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay! and then its PARTY TIME! cannot wait for xmas either to give u ur presents and have u home 🙂 love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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