Round ’em up!

w/b 30 November

So here we go – December has begun, which means Christmas, and 2010, are nearly upon us!  Shops have gone Christmas crazy, with Mariah Carey warbling inescapably, and checkout people wishing you a merry Christmas.  Almost all of my Christmas shopping is done!! (Thankyou, Urban Outfitters and hmv – I love online shopping!) I’ve just got a couple of little stocking-filler bits to finish off, which should be done this weekend hopefully, and then that’s IT! Woohoo! If you’re stuck though, Gala Darling has got a fabulous guide to Christmas Gifts for the Nervous or Otherwise Woefully Underprepared.



I have been spending much too much time on Sporcle which the Boy has introduced me to. We’re going to have competitions to see who can type 1 to 100 quickest 🙂 Gotta love that competitive streak! Speaking of quizzes, you also should check out FreeRice. There’s a few different categories, like vocabulary or capital cities, and for every question you get right, they donate 10 grains of rice throught the UN World Food Program. It’s time-wasting for a good cause 🙂

Mademoiselle Robot has had a sneak peek at the S/S2010 Collection for Miss Selfridge, and if her pictures are anything to go by, I’ve definitely spotted a couple of things I could spend some pennies on! I love the rings with cakes on them! Hehe.

Just in time for party season, The Times has got 12 party beauty tips – some are good, others (like not bothering with deodorant…), I’m not too sure about.


journal : ~1

I love this photo – this journal is awesome. I love the Moleskinerie pool on Flickr, I think other people’s handwriting and other people’s journals are fascinating. Journal Junk is more of an art journalling pool, but great. I love what people use journals for, and it seems that no one writes in them the same. Here’s some more, for the nosy amongst you 😉

I love this outfit on Lookbook – bit cold for knee socks now though, so I can’t steal it.

Twitter is back  :  Miryam S

Twitter is back : Miryam S

Miryam has got some seriously amazing hair. I can’t read her blog, being very unskilled in languages other than my own, but the photography is gorgeously bright and there’s loads of it. Before you ask, yes, she was another lookbook find, and it’s here. Shush. Lookbook is cool. Haha.

Obviously, I can’t dye my hair super bright pink, even though I would love to because it looks amazing, because I think that work might have something to say about it, but I need to find something to do with my hair now that the white-blonde has been nixed by the hairdressers. It will fall out. If I’m lucky, it will just snap off.  Snappage/baldness also adds to my lack of pink hair, as it’s currently so dark that to get it bright would mean lots of bleach, and hence, hair-fallout.  Boo.

Maybe something like this?

purple hair : 07paty07

I had it cut a week ago, and it actually looks no different, so I’m thinking of leaving off the hairdressers for a while so that I can let it grow and decide what to do with it. I love the purple/black colour it is at the moment, I just want to make it a bit more exciting.  It’s gotten very tidy, and I am not a tidy-hair person 😉  Maybe something like this pic ^^ would be awesome enough, and I think I’ve got a box of dye the underneath colour, and I don’t reckon that would be too hard, or too crazy for work 🙂 YAY!  Hmm… may have just planned my Sunday!! can tell you how to get the perfect blowdry – Salon-style at home 🙂 I definitely need to use this!  There’s also a whole host of videos onYoutube, of course!

I think that just about finishes up the roundup for this week!  Have a great weekend!! xxx


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