Round ’em up!

w/b 23 November

Good morning lovelies!



This weeks’ roundup is likely to consist of lots of little cheering-up things, and affirmations, because that’s what I seem to have come across mostly. Possibly not coincidentally, but serendipitous, much?

If you hate something, change it“, right? If I’m writing stuff here telling other people not to do things that make them unhappy, I sort of have to practice what I preach, otherwise I’m not buying into my own product! I honestly believe that your own happiness is completely based on you. Here are The 10 Rules of the Power of Positive Thinking to get you started, and in case you were unsure – what is Positive Thinking?

I’m reading Manifesto by The Barefoot Doctor, and its awesome. His website is definitely worth checking out if you’re having a bit of trouble working out what you want from the Universe.

Dustin Hoffman  :  chelseanico

chelseanico on Flickr

They’re making a film of The Secret!! Heehee. I’m not entirely sure how that’s going to work, but cool all the same 🙂

I had a dream about goldfish last night, that I had about five goldfish bowls in the flat, with loads of different fish in them and I was moving the fishes about so that they could be in the bowl they liked best. I looked up what dreaming about goldfish means, and Dreamforth says “To dream about goldfish predicts that you will come into prosperity and many wonderful and thrilling escapades”, so that’s exciting. I like that. I want more goldfish dreams 🙂

Wish jar

Wish jar

Hairdressers today, and this will determine whether or not it’s a good idea to change my hair from dark purple to white. I’m guessing that it’s going to be ‘not’, but would be awesome (’til the roots sharted showing a week later, at least!) 🙂

The Boy is doing a mooting case for his Law degree on Monday, so we need to go shirt-and-tie shopping this weekend. He’s got a lovely charcoal coloured suit, and honestly, that one scrubs up something lovely 😉

This made me laugh

This made me laugh

I need to finish off my Christmas shopping today, and get Mum’s birthday present. Lots of things to do!

Am off to get started on my weekend now – Have a super happy week, do lots of things that make you happy, don’t settle for just anything, and eat lots of pancakes 🙂

Purely because this makes me happy, and will become clear if you watch the Youtube….

Ga-ga-ooh-la-la!! xx


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