Following on from this weeks roundup, on the subject of happiness, here’s a list of 25 ways to get out of a black day, otherwise known as the Happy List.

1. Listen to your favourite CD on repeat. Loud. Dance. Sing.
2. Have a super hot bath with candles.
3. Learn to play an instrument.
4. Make a moodboard of stuff that makes you happy. Use photos, pictures cut out of magazines, newspaper headlines. Hang it up somewhere you’ll always see it.
5. Make a cake.
6. Write practice a letter of resignation for the job you hate.
7. Help an old lady across the road.
8. Spend an hour watching ridiculous videos on Youtube.
9. Go to the zoo.  Zoos rock.
10. Put an awesome movie on and order some takeaway.
11. Go to the gym – it might not be what you fancy doing, but after 20 minutes on a cross-trainer, the endorphins will kick in and you’ll feel great.
12. Get out of the house, and go for a walk.
13. Phone a friend and chat about nothing.
14. Cook something tasty for dinner – Jamie Oliver‘s always got some good recipes.
15. Do some yoga – Youtube has got some good videos for beginners.
16. Go to a department store and get your makeup done.
17. Go to a museum or an art gallery.
18. Eat cheese on toast. Yum.
19. Read a good book.
20. Make a to-do list.
21. Check out 43 Things. Join.
22. Go and look at the stars.
23. Eat some really good chocolate. Scientifically proven to cheer you up!
24. Go shoe shopping.
25. Write a list of all the things that make you happy.

Be Happy.

Be Happy.


4 thoughts on “Happy

  1. Sarah says:

    you are not allowed cheese on toast, becuase of the strange fellow you be living with hee hee… i just watched the lady gaga video, so strange, the bit at the very end is creepy with the bed and the blow torch…. not cool lol… you are at work now, but it was very nice seeing you last eve. wooo hoooo.. 38 days until new york! plus xmas plus new years, gonna be so good hee hee… gotta get thinking about my new years resolutions now… what are u doing for nye? did u wanna come to london with me and jo and jack? up to you but let me know. we should do something over xmas together, maybe in between xmas and nye. mmm… any events going on that i could come to? x

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