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w/b 9th November

Hello my lovelies!

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Lots of links this week, now that Safari is up and running and I’ve rediscovered my bookmarks 🙂

I’ve done loads of my Christmas shopping now – battled through the storm this morning to town and timed leaving the shops perfectly for getting straight on the bus home.  Bonus!  I did get stalked by a group of 18 year old boys telling each other they were in love though, which started off quite funny but was annoying after half an hour.  I was trying to shop!  I think that the rest can be done online, so I’m almost finished!

I’ve been reading the Super-Big New York Guide on Fur Coat No Knickers to get some more places put on the ever-growing ‘things to do’ list!  I’m liking the look of the flea markets and the vintage stores 🙂  Of course, I’m open to suggestion, so if there’s somewhere we have to go, let me know!

There's a possibility  :  Rachel I.

There's a possibility : Rachel I. on is sadly invite-only, but I’m loving looking at all the photos and getting outfit inspiration!
I’m feeling in a bit of a clothes rut at the moment, with my tee and jeans uniform, so this site’s great for ideas 🙂  Today I decided that I was going to wear something exciting, so I had a lace bodysuit, black skinny jeans, purple knee-high boots and my leather biker jacket on.   It looked awesome (if I do say so myself!) and I felt much better today than I have for a while. Don’t be in a rut – wear what you like wearing and be happy!! 🙂
Check out some more clothing inspiration on dirtylittlestylewhore.

I’ve found blog My Pretty Wings through weheartit.   Go and read it, it’s good 🙂

I think I will love you forever

I think I will love you forever : PostSecret

We are finally going to have some wardrobes in the flat, after I went to IKEA in the week.  I also bought an awesome Limited Edition Billy bookcase that’s covered in graffiti Shakespeare quotes.  It’s wickedly cool and I get far too excited about bookcases.

I need to learn some more funky nail art, can’t quite afford to go and get mine done at WAH Nails just yet! One day I will justify £25 on my nails, but not today hehe.

Here’s some more stuff I have been loving this week!
+ My fabulous Shakespeare course (Shakespeare was dyslexic, did you know that?)
+ “Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
+ @LoveThoughts
+ My new shoes (they glowed in the UV last night.  F**K YEAH!)
+ *Cue quite hilariously bad Schwarzenegger accents* “You can do it!”
+ Christmas shopping!
+ Watching 10 Things I Hate About You, and realising it’s 10 years old, which explains why Joseph Gordon Levitt looked so old in 500 Days of Summer – haha

I love this song by Paloma Faith at the moment

And Pixie Lott doing Lady Gaga (she did Kings of Leon in this session too, which you should have a listen to because it’s really very good)

Love love xxx


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