Round ’em up!

w/b 2nd November

Wow, November already!  I actually can’t believe how fast this year is going – time flies when you’re having fun!

I went to see This Is It this week, and it was amazing. That show would have been fantastic, and it’s so sad that it never got to happen.

Michael Jackson & Orianthi Panagaris

Michael Jackson & Orianthi Panagaris

MJ’s guitarist, Orianthi Panagaris, is utterly amazing – check out her Myspace.  She’s just had a new album out, but in This Is It, she’s awesome, and she’s only two years older than me.  Makes my pathetic attempt at learning to play the guitar feel even worse!

It was bonfire night this week too, I’m not going out to any fireworks until tonight, but I’m really looking forward to it!  There’s a fair there too, so it’ll be funfair rides and ratburgers all around! 🙂

Kandee has got loads more videos up, you can transform yourself into a Disney princess, a Tim Burton Mad Hatter, or an 80’s popstar.

Find out what your tribe is. Only really applies in the UK, but it’s quite a funny little quiz 🙂 I’m an emo, with a bit of scenester apparently :S I’m too old to be a scenester! The Boy is a ‘clubber’, which is pretty accurate, but I might have to re-do it!

I’ve got to start Christmas shopping soon. My sister’s finished, and I’ve not even started yet – oops! I’ve got a couple of ideas, but nothing decided for anyone. I need to make a list, I think. I do enjoy a good list, haha. How’s your Christmas shopping going? Are you finished? Started?

Okay, it’s just a short one this week – but have some guitar envy 🙂 xx


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