Round ’em up!

w/b 26 October

So, I’m moving the roundup to a Saturday because… just because!  It’s working out easier on a Saturday than a Sunday, and it means you get to read it a day earlier 😉

^_^  :  glistening lips *

^_^ : glistening lips *

So, this week my computer decided to get a bug, and I’ve lost all of my bookmarks and everything.  I am very sad about this, as I’d collected up some gems, but now I don’t have time to go trawling and find them all again!  I’ve managed to recover some, so don’t worry, there’s still a little bit of linkage for you to while away your weekend with, and next week there shall be links-a-plenty!  Here we go!

First up – HAPPY HALLOW’EEN!  What are you doing for All Hallows Eve?  Currently, my plans are zilch, because the event we were going to is sold out (boo), but we might find something yet!  I’m ever hopeful, and if not, I’ll be at home eating themed sweeties, and watching Hocus Pocus (Bette Midler said that of all the films she’s been in, this one’s her favourite).

by pandacat_baby

by pandacat_baby

Over at Positively Present, I found a great article on How to Write a Life Worth Living.  It’s a really great site, with loads of articles on all kinds of things to help you make your life more awesome 🙂  Check it out.

While you’re at a bit of self-improvement, have a little look at The Happiness Project and make yourself a little bit of Saturday happy.

Remember where you heard it first, because apparently the newest thing is tattoo tights. Does this mean the demise of leggings?! Could it be possible?!  Wishful thinking, I think that’s called.

Speaking of tattoos, I love this photo.  I don’t know who it’s of, but she’s beautiful, and her tattoo (and her hair!!) is gorgeous.

BME : The Sky on his Back

If you’re a writer, considering that tomorrow is November (and then it’ll be Christmas, and then New York!), you should have a stab at NaNoWriMo. You get a month to write a novel, basically. I had a go last year and failed the wordcount miserably, but it was fun! It’s a really cool idea, because even if you read back over it in December and it makes no logical sense whatsoever, or your characters aren’t quite right, or whatever, it’s astounding the amount of stuff you actually write if you get down and get on with it 🙂  Go and sign up and let me know how you get on!

Ok folk, thats all for now, I’m afraid.  I will try to rescue some more bookmarks, but I fear that they’re lost into the internets forever as I’m using a different browser now and everything.  I’ll have to wander around the web to find some more goodies for next week.  What a shame 😉

So, loveliness for this week!



+ Nights in with the Boy.
+ The first official day of my course is today!
+ Finding a photo of the new baby pygmy hippo at Rotterdam Zoo. Utterly adorable and I want one. It’s head is as big as a carrot!
+ Emailing my friend Helen lyrics to songs from The Mighty Boosh, when I know she’s never seen it and so has no idea what I’m going on about when I tell her that the Boosh is loose and a little bit RAW!
+ Getting emails at work from the Boy that say ‘LOVE YOOOOOUUU XXXXXX’ 🙂
+ Sex on the Beach cocktails. Nuff said.
+ Visiting the parents, sibling and dog tomorrow for Sunday lunch. Yum.
+ Sam dying his hair back to black, so that he doesn’t look like a bleached blonde q-tip any more. Yay!

Are you ready for November??!



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