Round ’em up!

w/b 19 October

Steep Hill, Lincoln  :  lincolnian (brian)

Steep Hill, Lincoln : lincolnian (brian)

Hello my little chickadees 🙂

I ‘ve been up to Lincolnshire this week for work, and spent three days in Lincoln.  Even in the rain it’s beautiful.  I had a spare afternoon, so I wandered up to the cathedral and the castle, via the aptly-named Steep Hill.  I’m such a sucker for cathedral architecture, and Lincoln is no exception.  The cathedral is right at the top of the hill and looks out over the whole city.  It’s enormous and absolutely stunning.  It was built in 1072, and it’s survived a fire, an earthquake and partial collapse, before being restored to the building it is now. It’s awe-inspiring, and if you visit Lincoln, I really really advise you to check it out.



I’m going to go belly-bar shopping today, and buy some little plain ones to switch my one out with.  I’ve decided that I need to just be brave and do it, because it’s ridiculous.  In fairness, the one I have doesn’t fit, I don’t think, so I need to get some longer ones.  If anyone is knowledgable on a nice easy pain-free way of changing them, I’d be glad to hear it!  On the website for the lizardy one I’ve got (he’s over there <- ) it says that their bars are all 10mm long, so I don’t know why I can’t get it to poke through far enough to do it up.  Hmmm, I might have to have another go when the Boy isn’t around to help cause he makes me more nervous!  Otherwise, Claire’s it is!

I finished Tess of the d’Urbervilles, and utterly loved it.  It’s amazing, and although I stand by my strong dislike of The Return of the Native, I’ll be recommending Tess to everyone – go and read it!  I actually bought more Thomas Hardy books whilst I was in Lincoln, so now I’ve got Jude the Obscure, and The Woodlanders to read! 🙂

I love this quote:  Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns. (Author Unknown)

and this:



I’ve stumbled over a site called The Halfway Point. The articles are awesome, and I like this one called Got Soul? Go and have a browse, and comment on what one of your ‘soul moments’ is. There’s also a great artcle on how to pay it forward.

Also, check out Streetsy, it’s a wicked site where street art gets posted.  So cool. I love that it’s not just tag graffiti, but it’s actual art that looks amazing and adds character.  You can search by city (sadly there’s not a London one yet), or you can just browse and find some awesome stuff 🙂

Here’s Cheryl Cole’s performance on the X-Factor from last week, because I love her and she’s gorgeous and because I want that jacket.  Hehe.

She’s so nice!

What else has been lovely this week??
+ two date nights (in one week!) with the Boy
+ my chilli plant is growing!
+ buying a whole outfit (boots, socks, jeans, tee) in Lincoln for £12
+ cowprint ugg boots (chav as anything, but comfy!)
+ starting on my Open University reading list
+ and getting my tutor group!
+ planning for New York (78 days!)
+ the Thai restaurant in Lincoln where my dinner was inside a duck made of foil – extreme awesomeness
+ Serendipity Cupcake getting the most hits it’s had so far! (woop!)
+ looking forward to seeing Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in 3D with Sarah
+ the fact that there’s a BIG Sausage Festival in Lincoln (look!)

How has your week been?  Comment and let me know!!



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