Round ’em up!

w/b 5th October

Wow, another roundup already!  The Boy started his lectures for the new Uni year today, so that marks the end of Freshers Week, and means I’ll actually be able to sleep again!  YAY!  It’s been a bit of a crazy one this week, with gigs and parties to fit in around work and life and sleep, and I can barely remember what the Boy looks like because I’ve not seen him!  Our little flat has happily withstood pre-drinks for eighteen people, and has been perfectly restored to its former state, which is good! 

Angry Vs The Bear

Angry Vs The Bear

On Wednesday, I went out to see Caspa and Zane Lowe on the DJ Hero Tour, and on Thursday – as previously blogged(!) – it was The Hoosiers, supported by Angry Vs The Bear. Incidentally, if you’ve not checked AVB out yet, their new songs are up on their myspace and you should go and have a listen.

New York, New York

New York, New York

Now for the super exciting news!  I’M GOING TO NEW YORK!! Not until January, so I have to rein in the excitement a little bit for now, but it is going to be SO awesome!!  I’m going with Mum and Sarah, for five days of girly shopping holiday in the snow!  Apparently January is the coldest month in NYC and we are going to freeze our asses off.  Sarah’s already making customised hoodies for us.  Hehe.  Hat-and-scarf shopping is in order, I think!!  We’re getting together a little list of places we want to go, and so far I’ve got Serendipity (the coffee shop from the film), and MoMA. Mum wants to go up the Empire State Building, and Sarah’s got an enormous list of things she wants to see and do, and as she’s been before, she’s given herself the role of tour guide!  Recommend us some places to go!

You will also be pleased to know that I finally worked up the courage to change my belly bar!  I had to get the Boy the screw the ball off cause it was on so tight, and I took the bar out, wiggled the new one in, and it’s too short!! Very unhappy.  Had to take it out and put the old one back again.  Was pretty painful by the end because I kept pulling it about to get bars in and out again 😦  Not good.  So now I’m back to the old one and I’m going to have to find another one to put in that’s a bit longer than my lovely silvery lizard.  It’s quite embarrassing that girls ten years younger than me are more than capable of doing it, and it took me a fortnight to feel brave enough to change it.  And even then my boyfriend had to do it for me!  My friend Emma thinks its hilarious that I read Modblog religiously, and I love tattoos and piercings, but I can’t even change my own belly bar.  I think it’s not so hilarious, but I am prepared to put my strange habits on the internet so that others don’t feel alone!  Hahaha.  Oh dear.


Ok, what else am I loving this week?
Emails from The Universe – Making the best spaghetti ever for dinner – Sunday Roast at my parents, and the Boy going to the pub after for drinks with my dad – Sooz, cause I miss her –  Planning Halloween stuff  –  Reading Tess Of The D’Urbervilles, because I promised to give it a chance even though I can’t stand Thomas Hardy’s novels  –  The giant pink hooker heels I bought to wear out partying  –  Planning for New York, and deciding where the Boy and I are going to go in the summer….


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