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w/b 28 September

Gosh, I completely cannot believe that it’s October already.  Crazy.  This year is whizzing by SO fast!  October means Halloween though, which means fancy dress parties!! Yay!  It’s Freshers Week at the moment too, so lots of party weekends coming up now that all my studenty friends are back from all the far-flung places they disappear to over the summer.  Very exciting 🙂 

Sooo, have some lovely exciting links to peruse at your leisure!

Kandee has got some gorgeous new fancy-dress-ish makeup ideas, so if for Halloween you’re planning on Jessica Rabbit, Geisha Girls, Tinkerbell and a whole variation of characters from the new Alice In Wonderland movie by the legend that is Tim Burton, then she’s got some great videos up on how to get the perfect costume look! As for the film, I will definitely be going to see it. Tim Burton is a directorial genius, and it’s another collaboration with Johnny Depp. How could I not?!

MAC - Fall 09 - Fresh Approach

MAC - Fall 09 - Fresh Approach

 I desperately want to buy some MAC makeup. I love it, and I’ve just found a shop near home that has a MAC Beauty Bar, so I am planning a trip to get some makeup done and spend some pennies! I love their Fall ’09 looks, especially this one, but I wear green eyes all the time, and I want something a bit different… hmmm… It is nice though!

The Sunday Times has got an article on Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood, which I have now read about four times, as I love him and his crow-feathers hair. I read his autobiography, and now he’s with Ekaterina, I still can’t believe that he left Jo Wood, because I think she’s amazing and inspirational. It’s sad. The article’s really well written, if a bit pitying, so I wonder if maybe the writer can’t believe it either.

This week was Banned Books Week in the US, with Gossip Girl, and Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy on the ‘Most Challenged’ list. I don’t think books should ever be banned, people should have the freedom to decide for themselves if they are mature enough to deal with the content found in what they read, and people should have the right to read whatever they want to.
I remember when I was younger, my mum took me to the bookstore to buy a copy of Terry Pratchett’s Wyrd Sisters, and the woman in the shop refused to let her buy it for me. I was so upset that this woman felt that she could decide for me what I should and shouldn’t read, when she had no idea who I was. Yes, I probably was quite a bit younger than the target reading age for Discworld novels, but surely if my own mother thought it would be fine, then there should have been no reason not to allow me to buy it. I’d been reading ‘adult books’ since I was about eight years old, so I’m sure there was nothing in it I wouldn’t have been able to handle.
Anyway, there’s my rant at Book Censorship, and I wholly and completely urge you to go out and buy a ‘banned book’.  Here is a list, from Wikipedia, of banned books, and here is a list of the most-challenged books. It tells you something that Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach is on the challenged list, and Where’s Wally. Tut.

Right, enough ranting, I think.  I’ll put the bookworm away.  After this: 

“There are certain things I do if I sit down to write,” he said. “I have a glass of water or a cup of tea. There’s a certain time I sit down, from 8:00 to 8:30, somewhere within that half hour every morning,” he explained. “I have my vitamin pill and my music, sit in the same seat, and the papers are all arranged in the same places. The cumulative purpose of doing these things the same way every day seems to be a way of saying to the mind, you’re going to be dreaming soon.
“It’s not any different from a bedtime routine,” he continued. “Do you go to bed a different way every night? Is there a certain side you sleep on? I mean I brush my teeth, I wash my hands. Why would anybody wash their hands before they go to bed? I don’t know. And the pillows are supposed to be pointed a certain way. The open side of the pillowcase is supposed to be pointed in toward the other side of the bed. I don’t know why.”

That’s Stephen King’s daily routine. Fascinating.

Also this week, I have been loving… my tiger stripey nails  –  Non-uniform days at work  –  My friend Helen’s birthday drinks at The Vibe Bar in Brick Lane  –  Finding interesting things about being an Aries  –  My new Open University Short Course on Shakespeare – EXCITED!  –  The bit of Scrubs where Turk sings “SUGAR DARLING!” and which has been stuck in my head since I watched it on Tuesday  –  The lizard-y belly bar my mummy bought me (but I’m too scared to change the one I’ve got in, cause I’ve not done it before!)  –  Sia singing ‘Buttons’ in neon (yes, it’s old, but I love it because she did all the UV stuff when I saw her live)  –  My lovely lovely boyfriend who tells me I’m gorgeous, without prompt, when I’m having an off day.


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